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The old historical Austria

sends its regards – at least concerning the culinary contents of our menu. “Haute cuisine” isn’t our business because as a traditional local inn we prefer the typical Austrian cuisine, which is also appreciated by our groups of regulars. The food habits in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy had been such wide-ranging and extensive that books could be written about.

We serve the traditional mix of fish, meat, vegetables and sweet dishes which once had gladdened the Emporer’s palate. We pay attention to the treatment of our local high-quality products in the daytime to serve a delicious dinner from 5 p.m. every evening.

We are pleased to welcome you not only for a nice meal but also just for a glass of wine out of our well-assorted wine-cellar or a pint of beer in our hotel bar, which had been redesigned in 2012. A jigger of schnapps from the “treasure chest of our host” is favoured by the guests as well as by the natives.

Enjoy our substantial breakfast buffet including “Kaisersemmerl” (a special Austrian roll) from 7:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.