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The imperial town of Bad Ischl

Ischl wouldn't be Ischl without it’s imperial history as well, but nevertheless the reputation of the Salzkammergut as a summer and health resort was based on the Habsburg Family. For more than 700 years salt had been considered as the “white gold” – one of the main reasons for the wealth of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The total receipts earned by the trade of salt became part of the Emporer’s privy purse. The villages and towns in the Salzkammergut were connected closely with the production and distribution of salt.

Bad Ischl’s fame and reputation as a spa and health resort started after archduchess Sophie had got pregnant during a cure in Bad Ischl. She gave birth to a boy, Franz Joseph, the future Austrian Emporer. The Salzkammergut became the “front garden” of the Emporer’s palace in Vienna as it were the Imperial Family’s personal property. In summer Bad Ischl was the focus of the monarchy because of the emporer’s presence.

Close to the Imperial villa the whole town of Bad Ischl experienced a renaissance to an unexpected extent. The old city centre including the theatre, the post office, the pump room, the charming streets, the impressive esplanade along the river Traun and not least the gorgeous congress centre attest the glory of the bygone imperial era. Those buildings have been preserved nearly unimpaired till this day